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Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
51 HUBBARD Raymond  1903Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I18370 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
52 INESS Alfred Millard  28 Dec 1924Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I19324 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
53 INESS Alta Mae  15 Mar 1915Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I897 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
54 INESS Audry  1905Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I23134 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
55 INESS Ben Dale  17 Aug 1922Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I19383 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
56 INESS Bethenie  05 Mar 1911Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I43946 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
57 INESS Edgel  1918Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I44501 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
58 INESS Emmet  1903Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I23135 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
59 INESS Ethel M  1917Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I8481 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
60 INESS Garland Webster  02 Jun 1907Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I15077 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
61 INESS Ira  1904Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I23133 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
62 INESS Irby Irvin  29 Dec 1917Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I19341 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
63 INESS Luna  1909Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I31287 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
64 INESS Opal  1914Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I11107 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
65 INESS Vernon  1916Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I31313 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
66 INESS Vina Belle  1920Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I1847 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
67 INESS Willie  1903Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I25122 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
68 JACKSON Dorsey Alvin  27 Nov 1920Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I1436 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
69 JACKSON Omer William  1916Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I33081 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
70 JACKSON Roy  1915Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I33077 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
71 JOHNSON Ruth  27 Feb 1912Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I32460 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
72 JOHNSON Unknown  Abt 1909Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I30679 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
73 JONES Adelbert Eugene  23 Jul 1908Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I4535 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
74 JONES Myrtle  04 Oct 1903Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I1093 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
75 JONES Myrtle Leeanna  1893Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I1846 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
76 KILGORE Melinda Fayetta  08 Feb 1893Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I1437 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
77 KILGORE Willard Jewell  19 Nov 1909Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I30541 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
78 LANKFORD Virgie E  20 Mar 1914Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I35434 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
79 MARKS Inez Pearl  02 Aug 1901Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I26309 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
80 MCCOOL Travis  1916Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I37188 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
81 MCENTIRE Helen Florida  18 Apr 1910Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I42753 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
82 MCENTIRE John Wesley  19 Feb 1897Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I23427 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
83 MCENTIRE Keener B  15 Jan 1901Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I18373 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
84 MCENTIRE Kelly C  18 Dec 1899Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I37203 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
85 MCENTIRE Kenneth  1920Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I4191 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
86 MCENTIRE Nora Elizabeth  14 Feb 1903Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I37119 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
87 MCENTIRE Robert L  1919Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I13797 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
88 MCENTIRE Robert White  27 Feb 1905Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I14304 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
89 MCKILLIP Leon  1920Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I32845 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
90 MILICAN Mildred  1920Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I28341 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
91 MILLER Pearl Ann  Abt 1893Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I26930 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
92 MILLICAN Estell  1908Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I28339 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
93 MORGAN Hattie Mae  04 Jul 1902Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I1759 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
94 OGDEN Kelly Roach  06 Dec 1906Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I30772 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
95 OGDEN Lee  1911Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I44300 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
96 OGDEN Sybil  1913Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I44349 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
97 OGDEN William Anderson, Jr.  1916Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I31291 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
98 OXFORD Jackie  03 Sep 1905Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I5701 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
99 OXFORD Tandy  08 Oct 1903Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I5700 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
100 PARTAIN Virgil  19 Jul 1903Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I32459 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 

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