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Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDERS Fred  1910Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I8697 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
2 ANDERS George W  1910Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I44673 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
3 ANDERS Maude E.  1910Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I15110 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
4 ANDERS Nellie M  1910Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I8702 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
5 ANDERS Ola D  1910Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I45210 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
6 ANDERS W Clyde  1910Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I20727 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
7 BRASSFIELD Byron  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I15875 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
8 BRASSFIELD Ellen Jane  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I32854 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
9 BRASSFIELD Ernest  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I32089 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
10 BRASSFIELD Fannie Elizabeth  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I18230 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
11 BRASSFIELD Francis Marion  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I10308 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
12 BRASSFIELD Francis Woodson  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I19813 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
13 BRASSFIELD James A  1870Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I2605 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
14 BRASSFIELD James Lee  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I15419 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
15 BRASSFIELD Nancy Elizabeth  1870Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I32161 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
16 BRASSFIELD Thomas Lay  1870Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I13910 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
17 BRASSFIELD William Thomas  1870Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I26597 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
18 BRASSFIELD William Trammel  1870Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I39013 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
19 CLEETON Catherine  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I29724 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
20 CLEETON Frilden C  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I29725 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
21 CLEETON Lucinda  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I35232 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
22 CLEETON Susan F  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I29727 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
23 CLEETON William M  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I1208 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
24 CLETON Martha  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I47163 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
25 ELSTON Charlotte  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I8703 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
26 JOHNSON Frances Jane  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I44195 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
27 POPE Andrew S.  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I10005 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
28 POPE Catherine L.  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I25499 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
29 POPE Daniel  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I9826 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
30 POPE Henrietta  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I14460 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
31 POPE Henrietta  1910Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I14460 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
32 POPE William Brady  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I8695 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
33 RUDDELL Ellen Jane  1870Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I2614 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
34 UNKNOWN Emily C  1880Independence, Schuyler, Missouri, USA I29723 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies