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Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA

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Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 WAYCASTER Anne Theda  04 Dec 1915Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I11930 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
2 WAYCASTER Harold Dudley  02 Jun 1922Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I26284 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 DILL Mary Angeline  16 Jul 1913Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I27931 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
2 STANFORD Ulysses Anderson  08 Dec 1927Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I29644 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 BOWLES Sarah Rebecca  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I22632 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
2 CLENN Annie L  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I26278 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
3 CLENN Robert N  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I9596 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
4 CLENN Velora G  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I9595 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
5 DILL Mary Angeline  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I27931 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
6 EVANS Della M  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I26280 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
7 EVANS George  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I26281 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
8 FALKNER Josie V  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I22633 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
9 FALKNER Landrus  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I38184 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
10 FALKNER Lemuel H  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I26283 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
11 FALKNER Myrtle M  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I13036 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
12 FALKNER Olie J  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I16233 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
13 GLENN Jefferson Lee  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I26277 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
14 NORTHINGTON Frank W  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I26282 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
15 NORTHINGTON John A  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I26279 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
16 NORTHINGTON L J  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I26274 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
17 NORTHINGTON Mildred  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I32345 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
18 NORTHINGTON William Ellis  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I26275 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
19 PRICE Sibbie L  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I9584 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
20 STANFORD Arthure  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I587 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
21 STANFORD Clara  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I45514 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
22 STANFORD D L  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I29647 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
23 STANFORD George G  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I26807 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
24 STANFORD Lawrence  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I9590 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
25 STANFORD Leona  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I9593 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
26 STANFORD Lilly  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I9589 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
27 STANFORD Ulysses Anderson  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I29644 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
28 STANFORD Virgil C  1910Splunge, Monroe, Mississippi, USA I9594 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies