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Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN Alfred Ferman  07 Apr 1908Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I17546 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
2 BOWEN Charles R  1902Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I27752 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
3 BRASSFIELD Alpha V  1914Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I1095 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
4 BRASSFIELD Daisy  1917Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I35432 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
5 BRASSFIELD Emma Jean  01 Jul 1927Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I33796 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
6 BRASSFIELD Etta P  1915Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I31400 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
7 BRASSFIELD Frank Albert  31 Jul 1930Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I40158 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
8 BRASSFIELD Harold R  22 Jan 1926Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I40157 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
9 BRASSFIELD Homan  1908Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I26310 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
10 BRASSFIELD Houston F  08 Sep 1925Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I38747 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
11 BRASSFIELD Juston Theodore  16 Jan 1920Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I16721 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
12 BRASSFIELD Marie M  1923Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I26840 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
13 BRASSFIELD Unknown  1921Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I20191 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
14 BRASSFIELD Wesley  1918Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I4759 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
15 BRASSFIELD Winfred  09 Aug 1925Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I972 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
16 COX Noah  1906Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I13782 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
17 COX Odleo  1909Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I28338 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
18 CRAWFORD Callie  1913Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I37006 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
19 CRAWFORD Irene  1916Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I32020 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
20 CRAWFORD Lloyd  1919Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I32017 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
21 CRAWFORD Orvall  1910Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I1435 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
22 CURL Milly  1909Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I35634 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
23 DAVIS Myrtle Mindy Mae  11 Feb 1899Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I16537 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
24 DEAN Cordie  1910Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I47093 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
25 DEAN Gussie  1908Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I37443 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
26 DEAN Janie  1915Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I47095 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
27 DEAN Velma  1912Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I4534 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
28 DEPRIEST Clyde  1919Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I31344 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
29 DEPRIEST Opal  1917Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I30780 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
30 DROKE Dorothy  08 Mar 1897Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I27749 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
31 DROKE Frances Louella  02 Sep 1905Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I1932 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
32 DROKE Hazel M  17 Feb 1901Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I1931 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
33 DROKE T B  25 Mar 1903Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I27750 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
34 FAIRES William Glen  25 Nov 1899Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I35200 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
35 GEESAMAN Oscar Henry  11 Nov 1901Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I30544 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
36 GESSLAND Arabella  1884Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I8476 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
37 HARPER Albert M  1912Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I17495 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
38 HARPER Bessie  1905Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I45604 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
39 HARPER Darcy A  1910Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I35652 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
40 HARPER Jessie I  1907Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I35651 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
41 HARPER Lottie E  1914Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I45542 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
42 HARPER Verdie May  12 Jan 1903Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I45585 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
43 HARRIS Maggie  1908Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I13781 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
44 HARRIS Rosey  1906Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I6942 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
45 HAYHURST Alfred M  1906Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I7584 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
46 HAYHURST Alice K  1901Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I27761 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
47 HAYHURST Benie  1896Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I30418 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
48 HAYHURST John F  1892Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I32844 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
49 HAYHURST Mary B  1894Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I13498 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
50 HUBBARD Ethel  1901Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I18371 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 BRASSFIELD Harold  10 Jul 1928Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I32458 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
2 BRASSFIELD Houston F  25 Jul 1995Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I38747 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
3 BRASSFIELD Jerry Franklin  25 Feb 2002Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I28977 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
4 BRASSFIELD Unknown  1921Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I20191 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
5 FORD Molly  1921Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I1278 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
6 HOLLOWAY Lillian Mae  21 Nov 1918Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I13207 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
7 INESS William Henry  21 Aug 1962Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I30771 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
8 KIMBRO Fred  1900Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I27147 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
9 KIMBRO Sarah E  1900Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I13213 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
10 MILLER Pearl Ann  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I26930 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
11 RAINWATER William H  05 Nov 1910Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I47715 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
12 RAINWATERS Dona Mahala  19 Feb 1987Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I30538 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
13 RAINWATERS Mamie Lee  1908Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I47705 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
14 REARICK Pearlette Josephine  25 Dec 1932Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I13206 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 DEPRIEST Oscar William  12 Feb 1916Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I8357 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
2 JOHNSON Carrie Drucilla  12 Feb 1916Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I16900 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
3 JOHNSON Ruth  30 Apr 1928Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I32460 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
4 PERRIN Eathel Lillie  1907Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I31532 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
5 QUINN William Brackston  1907Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I19301 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
6 WHITE Ralph Lee  30 Apr 1928Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I32466 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Census   Person ID   Tree 
1 BRASSFIELD John Braxton  15 Apr 1930Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I45539 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 MILICAN Mildred  1920Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I28341 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
2 MILICAN William F  1920Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I28340 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
3 STEELMAN Agnes Juanita  Abt 1988Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I35698 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
4 UNKNOWN Josephine  1920Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I6949 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 

SSN issued

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   SSN issued   Person ID   Tree 
1 ADAMS Patti  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I15546 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
2 ALLEN Alfred Ferman  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I17546 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
3 BAUCUM James M  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I27070 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
4 BICKFORD Charles Henry  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I12260 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
5 BRADFORD Fay E  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I20290 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
6 BRASSFIELD Beulah  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I8970 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
7 BRASSFIELD Carl John  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I10085 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
8 BRASSFIELD Cleveland Iserah  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I17528 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
9 BRASSFIELD Ervin Matt  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I22162 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
10 BRASSFIELD George Thomas  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I20239 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
11 BRASSFIELD Jesse Willard  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I35631 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
12 BRASSFIELD Marie M  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I26840 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
13 BRASSFIELD Mary Elizabeth  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I20334 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
14 BRASSFIELD Philip Ray  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I37179 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
15 BRASSFIELD Reba Lee  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I46712 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
16 BRASSFIELD Robert Keith  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I43938 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
17 BREAZEALE Herman George  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I43945 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
18 CAGLE Lonnie Edward  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I31531 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
19 CRAWFORD Harvey Frances  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I37007 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
20 DEPRIEST Ina Virginia Mae  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I4651 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
21 DEPRIEST Oscar William  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I8357 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
22 DROKE Frances Louella  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I1932 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
23 DROKE Hazel M  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I1931 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
24 FAIRES Alva Lee  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I6727 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
25 FOLAND Pearl C  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I10620 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
26 HARPER Verdie May  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I45585 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
27 INESS Irby Irvin  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I19341 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
28 INESS James Dawson  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I43146 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
29 JOHNSON Carrie Drucilla  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I16900 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
30 JOHNSON Hazel  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I4652 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
31 JONES Myrtle  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I1093 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
32 LAMPTON William Leo  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I26845 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
33 MCENTIRE Helen Florida  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I42753 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
34 MCENTIRE John Wesley  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I23427 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
35 MCENTIRE Judson S  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I27071 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
36 MCENTIRE Keener B  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I18373 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
37 MCENTIRE Kelly C  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I37203 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
38 MCENTIRE Margaret Elizabeth  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I42253 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
39 MCENTIRE Nora Elizabeth  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I37119 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
40 MCENTIRE Robert White  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I14304 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
41 MCENTIRE William Thompson  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I23439 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
42 MILICAN William F  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I28340 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
43 OGDEN Kelly Roach  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I30772 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
44 PHILLIPS Mathew M  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I33764 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
45 ROBY William Henry  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I18871 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
46 SEYMOUR George Robert  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I37189 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
47 SMITH Elsie Ila  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I19358 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
48 WARNOCK Roy Densil  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I31530 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies 
49 WILLIAMS Preston Wilburn  Muldrow, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA I18374 Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies